maybe something we should have gone over before sending him to catholic school

Six: “Sometimes a lawyer comes to our school.”

Me: “A lawyer?”

Six: “Yes, a lawyer. He is the captain of our school.”

Me: “A lawyer is the captain of your school?”

Six: “Yes!”

Me: “A lawyer?”

Six: “YES!”

Me: “Really? When does he come?”

Six: “I don’t know. Every day.”

Me: “Every day?”

Six: “No, not every day. Once a week. Or, month. Or, something. Like he comes and then he doesn’t come for a long time, a reeeeeeeaaaaally long time. And then he comes again.”

Me: “And when he comes, what does he do? Does he talk to you?”

Six: “Yes. He talks to all of us. Well, except the nursery school kids because they would just run around and not listen.”

Me: “What does he talk about?”

Six: “… and he talks to the teachers too. He tells them what to do! They have to listen to him.”

Me: “So, what does he talk about?”

Six: “We sit outside on the basketball court. He can even tell the teachers what to do!”

Me: “Wow! But what does he talk about?”

Six: “He talks to us about Jesus. And … and … I don’t know how to say it English. The Santo and the Spirito.”

Me: “The Santo Spirito? The Holy Spirit.”

Six: “No, Il Santo e Lo Spirito.”

Me: “Um, I don’t think it’s the Saint and Spirit. I think he means the Holy Spirit. You know, the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit?”

Six: “Oh, YEAH!”

Me: “And you’re sure he’s a lawyer?”

Six: “Well. I think so. What’s a lawyer?”

Me: “Like the people who work downstairs; they are lawyers. This guy sounds more like a priest to me.”

Six: “What’s a priest?”

Me: “A priest works for the church and tells people about God and Jesus.”

Six: “And is the captain of schools?”

Me: “Well, he could be the boss of the school. Does he wear special clothes?”

Six: “Special clothes? Hmmmmmm. What special clothes?”

Me: “Black suits, kind of like a lawyer, but without a tie.”

Six: “YEAH! And he comes with his friend!”

Me: “Is his friend a priest too?”

Six: “He has glasses.”

Me: “Oh.”

Six: “Even his friend listens to him. Everyone listens to him, his friend and even the teachers! Even the Principal! He can tell the Principal what to do! She listens!”

Me: “Wow. Do you listen?”

Six: “Yeah.”

Me: “Is it boring?”

Six: “Well. You think it’s going to be boring, but then, it’s actually kind of, I don’t know. So, wait, what’s a priest again?”


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I'm a freelance translator and American expat. I live in Northern Italy with my two young sons.
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One Response to maybe something we should have gone over before sending him to catholic school

  1. Gil says:

    Times like this makes you happy to be a parent! You have to love all of these words of wisdom. Don’t tell the pries that your son thought he was a lawyer….

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