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a portrait of the ninja as a young man

A few months ago Four began making actual drawings instead of just scribbling. Now he draws or colors every day. Most of his drawings are immediately balled up folded and presented to me as gifts. This self-portrait was an exception … Continue reading

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about my trainer

We’re at the track and we’ve just run another 2000m when he says to me, “Here’s what I want you to do at the race on Sunday. Run very slowly, like a warm-up for the first five kilometers. Then take … Continue reading

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the family that skis together

The first time I ever put on a pair of skis, it was in Italy and I was with my mother and a group of English friends we knew from living in England. I must have been about nine or … Continue reading

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i am large, i contain multitudes

My year of seeing ended today, and a year is long but not too long; a year is long enough. Today I went to take my last picture of the trees and I suddenly felt perfectly okay about it being … Continue reading

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We aren’t that well at all, actually. I’d been so looking forward to our Christmas trip to the US and then we spent a lot of our time there being sick and miserable. It was wonderful to see to everyone … Continue reading

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