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the worst vacation of his life

The boys and I flew to Helsinki the day after Christmas. We rode the ferry to Tallinn, Estonia and back the next day, and the day after that we caught a plane to Ivalo in Lapland for a week without … Continue reading

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still here

We spent another peaceful summer in the Rockies and returned home happy and replenished from our five weeks there. I always dread leaving a little bit – it so beautiful and wholesome there; any place else seems tarnished in comparison … Continue reading

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We spent a sensational weekend in Turin with friends: first an early train ride, a visit to the Film Museum and lots of walking around the city on Saturday, then a visit to the Egyptian Museum and a little more … Continue reading

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The kids and I left Friday after school on the train. It is a quick ride down now that we have the Frecciargento, the “Silver Arrow”, and my younger son kept thinking we’d get to see the famous soccer players … Continue reading

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happy new year

We were up in the mountains skiing for the start of the new year, but first it was my turn to have Christmas with the boys, and Nine had asked for a quiet Christmas at home and could we invite … Continue reading

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last marathon of the year

I managed to squeeze one last race in before the year was over. The Pisa marathon! I drove down on Saturday with a small group of friends from my running club and oh, Tuscany is so lovely that it almost … Continue reading

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