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It is early morning and we are away. The natural beauty of this place is so unassuming that it is easy to take for granted. It seeps into you before long. My children, especially Four, wake me up early enough … Continue reading

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cranky and ineffectual

This week is decidedly less lovely than last week. This week there are deadlines and taxes and car inspections and hot, humid weather and, accordingly, deeply flawed parenting. I guess not every day can be like the days of last … Continue reading

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random lovely things

The boys are home, their skin is brown, their smiles are sweet and the last thing they ask me when I put them to bed is if I’ll lightly rub their smooth, perfect backs. *** Much to everyone’s surprise there … Continue reading

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the boys are back

And they remembered me. Everything slipped right back into place as if they had never left, and their faces weren’t as changed as I had dreaded they might be. It came as a relief that they still love and want … Continue reading

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