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a good year

With a hop, skip and a jump this year reached its end, and I have been glad to be at home. There was none of the craziness leading up to our departure for the US, no frantic tying up of … Continue reading

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maybe the prettiest

Five asked me about lipstick last night as I was putting him to bed, and about make-up and girls looking pretty. “Who’s the prettiest girl you know?” I asked him, out of curiosity. I expected him to say Julia, one … Continue reading

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jingle bells, batman smells, robin laid an egg

Two more weeks till Christmas and tonight I have about a million cookies to bake for the school’s annual Christmas market and a translation due tomorrow too. I finished my nephew’s gift last night and sent it off this morning. … Continue reading

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the joy of leavening

No sooner was Thanksgiving over than Four turned Five and the celebrating continued. What better way to test out my natural yeast in some real bread than by baking it for a house full of Italian guests? My kids turned … Continue reading

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