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I'm a freelance translator and American expat. I live in Northern Italy with my two young sons.

train robbers

The train was slowing down and we were preparing to get off. Eight looked around us in the draughty compartment by the door, studying this and that, his gaze snagging on a framed notice warning people to keep an eye … Continue reading

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the worst vacation of his life

The boys and I flew to Helsinki the day after Christmas. We rode the ferry to Tallinn, Estonia and back the next day, and the day after that we caught a plane to Ivalo in Lapland for a week without … Continue reading

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Eleven, my eldest son, is a kind and caring, accommodating boy who aims to please the people he cares about. As his mother, it is a struggle not to take advantage of that. He is also clever and witty, makes quick, creative connections … Continue reading

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running by the sea

Yesterday I did something special: the Venice marathon! It had been a long time since I ran a marathon well; at least since 2014. All last year my left knee kept me from doing any real training, and in November … Continue reading

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the update

Anyone reading must still have me in their feed and it’s either because they never took the time to delete this very quiet blog or because they never gave up on me, and if that’s the case, thank you! I … Continue reading

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middle school

After a long while of feeling no need to write in this forum, I began mentally composing a new post this week as the first of my two sons, Eleven, started Italian middle school. This is our first experience with … Continue reading

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still here

We spent another peaceful summer in the Rockies and returned home happy and replenished from our five weeks there. I always dread leaving a little bit – it so beautiful and wholesome there; any place else seems tarnished in comparison … Continue reading

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