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train robbers

The train was slowing down and we were preparing to get off. Eight looked around us in the draughty compartment by the door, studying this and that, his gaze snagging on a framed notice warning people to keep an eye … Continue reading

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Eleven, my eldest son, is a kind and caring, accommodating boy who aims to please the people he cares about. As his mother, it is a struggle not to take advantage of that. He is also clever and witty, makes quick, creative connections … Continue reading

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middle school

After a long while of feeling no need to write in this forum, I began mentally composing a new post this week as the first of my two sons, Eleven, started Italian middle school. This is our first experience with … Continue reading

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lake orta

Lake Berryessa is a manmade lake in Northern California, and where I spent all the summers of my childhood. It was formed by diverting natural rivers to flood the valley where the town of Monticello once was, and when I’d … Continue reading

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happy thanksgiving

I was going to pretend it wasn’t Thanksgiving today but as we rode our bikes to school, in a little line, Nine leading the way, followed by Five (almost Six), with me bringing up the rear, they were so freaking … Continue reading

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The boys come home today! They’ve been away for two weeks on Elba Island with their dad, having a marvelous time. They’ve sent me pictures of the things they’ve built, the artwork they’ve created, their fantastic feats in water, on … Continue reading

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an itch i had to scratch

Despite having lived in Milan for half a decade and passing by on my way to the skiing in Aosta, I had never visited Turin. But I’d heard it was worth a trip. This weekend I finally went, and I … Continue reading

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