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the tricks time plays

It’s been six months, give a day or two, but the days are short when there are children to be loved and fed and bathed and clothed. There are translations and laundry and thank god there are friends. There are … Continue reading

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quiet sunday

I also made the curtains for the kitchen and put them up, so we don’t have to look out at the dreary concrete highrises all day long and all the people who live there don’t have to look at us. … Continue reading

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i swear i’m not complaining

We are still adjusting to the new scenario. The hardest part for me is that it is so all or nothing with the boys. They are wonderful boys, funny and smart and so, so adorable, but they are young and … Continue reading

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flashback to 1997 – updated

I got my hair cut yesterday. For nearly a year, since the second time I went to him, my hairdresser has been begging me to go very, very, very short, just like every single one of my stylists before him. … Continue reading

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life in the city

We live in the “city” now, or at least that’s what our friends say, although calling our town a city seems laughable to me. What it really means is that we live downtown, and that denotes a completely different way … Continue reading

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the learning curve

My six-year-old started Italian first grade about a month ago. We had the first parents’ meeting with the teacher yesterday and as far as I can tell, six is doing great, but I am falling short of the mark. In … Continue reading

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back to work

So while I haven’t attempted to assemble those drawers, I have set up a make-shift office for myself in the kitchen, where the telephone/internet line is. Ideally, I will (very soon, hopefully) hook up the wireless modem I have in … Continue reading

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