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Eleven, my eldest son, is a kind and caring, accommodating boy who aims to please the people he cares about. As his mother, it is a struggle not to take advantage of that. He is also clever and witty, makes quick, creative connections … Continue reading

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still here

We spent another peaceful summer in the Rockies and returned home happy and replenished from our five weeks there. I always dread leaving a little bit – it so beautiful and wholesome there; any place else seems tarnished in comparison … Continue reading

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We spent a sensational weekend in Turin with friends: first an early train ride, a visit to the Film Museum and lots of walking around the city on Saturday, then a visit to the Egyptian Museum and a little more … Continue reading

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My kids have swim lessons once a week through their school. A bus picks them up around lunchtime and takes them to the local pool, the same pool where I swim. I like to arrange my schedule so I am … Continue reading

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ten days to ten

The due date for my eldest son was ten years ago today. April 10, 2005! He made his appearance ten days later (even now he likes to take his time) but every year I remember the quiver of anticipation this … Continue reading

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so many posts, so little time

There is a running list in my mind of stories and thoughts and plans I’d like to post about and never enough time to do it right. And if I am going to do something, I’d like it done right. … Continue reading

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happy new year

We were up in the mountains skiing for the start of the new year, but first it was my turn to have Christmas with the boys, and Nine had asked for a quiet Christmas at home and could we invite … Continue reading

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