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what a plant needs

There are two florist shops in my neighborhood. One is on my block and I can see it from the living room window. The young guy who opened it last fall, just after I moved in, is Jehovah’s Witness or … Continue reading

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conversations with (and about) my carpenter

Oh, how I’d love to have this apartment looking more like home. We put a few pictures up over the weekend and I spent an hour rearranging furniture on Sunday while the boys took a nap. A new (for me) … Continue reading

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a day in the life: morning

In the morning, I get up first. The boys like their hot water bags ready and waiting for when they come downstairs to keep them warm at the table. Six prefers the same breakfast everyday, a very simple cake based … Continue reading

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my new assistant

Six named her Lou. She loves my keyboard, but she really loves watching airplanes and pigeons and clouds out the skylight above the desk we now share.

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the number 5

I spent the weekend in Milan, my old stomping ground, meeting up with friends I hadn’t seen in far too long. I stayed with a friend in my old building, one floor above our old apartment, and I rode the … Continue reading

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The last book I read about photography included a chapter on how we take pictures to give ourselves the impression of being able to stop time. There was a sobering passage about life being a march towards our inevitable death, … Continue reading

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what a photograph can do

Photographs take up a lot of space on my hard drive, and so I try to clean up all my photography files and save them on DVDs when the year is over to make room for new photographs. I am … Continue reading

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