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My sister mentioned something written by Louise Erdrich to me some time ago, something about love and apples and not letting love go to waste. My sister, I think, knows my biggest greatest fear, which is that I might waste … Continue reading

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Last night I told the boys they would have to sleep in their own beds, for once. I needed a night to stretch out and not wake up to Four’s laughter in his sleep or Eight’s elbow in my face. … Continue reading

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Seven turned eight this weekend, and it was a whirlwind of activity. What can I say about Eight? Every year I think he has grown so much, and changed, and yet the sweet, silly, smart inside part of him that … Continue reading

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aaaaaand we’re back

The dearth of new blog posts is due to time I’ve been spending at the park with my two favorite boys, a couple of big translation projects, swimming and running. The weather here is absolutely breathtakingly perfect and beautiful in … Continue reading

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gotta run gotta run gotta run

After 50 days of “rest”, a dozen Tecar therapy sessions, 10 electromagnetic therapy sessions, a cycle of Reiki treatments, daily doses of vitamin D, daily glasses of water mixed with foul tasting purple powder to strengthen my tendons and intramuscular … Continue reading

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7: Star Wars is so cool. 4: Yeah! Star Wars is so cool! I wonder who invented it? 7: Maybe Uncle Chris. 4: Yeah. Maybe Uncle Chris.

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naughty old will

Seven (soon to be Eight) has been learning (again – is it just me or do the same lessons crop up again and again every year?) about the seasons and the months of the year, and so there has been … Continue reading

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