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just albanian

Yesterday, a friend asked me to pop in a shop near her apartment and get her a couple of things. I must have said something a little off, or my accent must have slipped through, because the shop owner said, … Continue reading

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Since we live in a pretty small town, it is hard not to run into people you know when you are out running. Here I am with my friend and neighbor Nur, who caught me on the block between her … Continue reading

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back to school

Four went back to school last Monday and Eight’s first day was Thursday, so I had a few days alone with Eight and then Four stayed home on Friday with a cough and a very mild fever so I got … Continue reading

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first days of summer

Yesterday was Labor Day in Italy and almost everything was closed, including schools and shops and businesses, but not our town pool, which picked the holiday to kick off the summer season. They opened the outdoor pools and water slides, … Continue reading

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superior nettles

The trees in town are competing to put on the most spectacular show, almost all of them, except my big, strong nettle trees, which are above it all. There are golden leaves over every wall, in every park, and they … Continue reading

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magical fall

This is the playground we go to, because it is near where we live and because we have always liked this playground; even before we lived in town we would drive over, even if I had to pay for parking, … Continue reading

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in case of emergency

Last week I was having guests and decided I needed something special for dinner, so off to the butcher I did go, and asked for a cut of meat for an arrosto. The butcher’s mom was there and took an … Continue reading

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