We spent a sensational weekend in Turin with friends: first an early train ride, a visit to the Film Museum and lots of walking around the city on Saturday, then a visit to the Egyptian Museum and a little more walking around on Sunday before catching the train back home again.

No one ever complained about the walking, not even once!

Saturday at dinner Six said to me, “I love Torino. Let’s move here!”

“Yes,” I  said. “Let’s!”

Unfortunately, Ten did not share our enthusiasm, and was quick to veto our plans.


About Jennifer

I'm a freelance translator and American expat. I live in Northern Italy with my two young sons.
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2 Responses to turin

  1. Gil says:

    Love your boys thinking. Turin has to be much larger a city than where you live. Beautiful picture of turin.

  2. Jennifer says:


    Yes, Turin is much larger than our town/tiny city and has a great vibe. There were tons of young musicians and street artists, so much going on, lots of art shows and free activities for people of all ages around the city. It is also very beautiful, very regal and classy. And, like the town where we live, it is near the mountains.

    It is also the city of Six’s favorite soccer team, Juventus!

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