My cat is sick, has been sick since this summer when we left her with trusted friends. What at first seemed like nothing very serious swiftly spiraled into a rash of ailments and the vet has spoken two or three times those very terrible words, “There is nothing, really, that we can do.” Which of course I hear and understand, and gulp and say I’ll take Lou home and have a think about it, but then at home she’ll ask for food or limp all the way to her litter box for once and I say, “Well, now! Look at that. Maybe we were wrong.”

But we were not wrong. As I reread what I have written, even as I wrote it, I realize that there is nothing, really, that we can do and to tell myself otherwise is self-delusion. My cat is very sick and it is getting more and more difficult to take care of her. Her kidneys aren’t functioning properly and so she drinks and drinks and drinks and the water goes straight through her. I can’t change out the newspapers under her fast enough.

The vet gave me two choices, take her home and let her die or bring her in and do that other thing. My mind is almost made up, I just need a little more time to brace myself for it.

Her condition has nothing to do with our friends who took the absolute best care of her possible. It is just one of those things that could have happened at any time, and probably the stress of us leaving her in a different house brought it all out.


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I'm a freelance translator and American expat. I live in Northern Italy with my two young sons.
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13 Responses to lou

  1. Gil says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this. We went through this with our most loving cat a year ago. He would snuggle next to me at night when I came to bed. Before I went to bed he snuggled my wife. After his kidneys went he couldn’t control his other elimination and we had to keep him off furniture. After a few long months we had to bring poor old Luca for his last visit to the vet. We’ll never forget the old boy. Good luck.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Thanks Gil. I am sorry about your cat Luca.

    Her kidneys are pretty much done too and it was rough for awhile with the furniture. We had to throw out one mattress, not to mention all the laundry… Now she is so weak she doesn’t move around too much and never ventures upstairs to the bedrooms anymore.

    • Gil says:

      My wife just reminded me that her friend has a cat that is at the same stage as your cat. She knows that her cat is suffering, but she is also afraid to give him up. Good luck. Praying for your piece of mind.

  3. Candy says:

    My Kiara has been with me for 17 years now, longer than any man so far 😊. She was 7 months old then I got her. Then I met my husband I told him he could only have me with the cat, at first he was outraged, today he understands and tears up thinking that she will not always be here. I can’t imagine having to let her go, but she also keeps begging for water all the time lately even though the 2 blood draws she endured didn’t really reveal anything. I’ll be thinking of you and imagine this is even harder with the boys and their questions. Take care.

  4. Jill says:

    I am so sorry to hear this and am sending good wishes that your heart and head will meet on this one. It’s so terribly difficult letting our fur babies go. I know that you and your boys gave Lou a wonderful and happy home; you were all lucky to have each other. XO

  5. Mary Ann says:

    Our daughter was having similar problems with her kitty,Simon. They discovered he had diabetes and has to have insulin shots twice a day. It hurts to see our fur babies suffer

  6. Sara says:

    So sorry! It’s never easy when you have to say goodbye.

  7. hkenny says:

    Oh that’s rough. This past spring my cat, who was only nine or so, started getting sicker and sicker. Turns out he was FIV+, even though he had tested negative at the shelter where I got him. So there was really nothing I could do. I only wish I had found out sooner, because I wouldn’t have put him through so many stressful procedures. Take a day or a few hours to say good-bye and then just do it. Try to have the vet come to your house if possible.

    • Gil says:

      Italy is so advanced. Vets coming to your home for small animals. In the US they only come for farm animals like cows and horses.

      • Aunt Patti says:

        There is actually a vet in Northern California who makes house calls for small pets. I’m sure house call vets are few and far between, though.

  8. Aunt Patti says:

    Oh no!!!!!! Nikki’s (separated at birth) twin! So sad!

  9. jadie says:

    My vet gave me the best advice when we faced putting down our dog. She said when her own pets get to the point where all that gave them pleasure in life is simply too much effort, she knows it’s time. I looked at our dear dog and realized the time had come. Best wishes to you at this hard time…

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