some wishes do come true

All my life I have had very fine, straight, limpless hair and wished for curls, but without really dwelling on it, sort of in a wouldn’t-it-be-nice-if… kind of way. Once, in the eighties, my aunt gave me a perm and it looked pretty good until it grew out.

This spring, my hairdresser talked me into letting my hair grow out a little bit. I said OK provided that the cut was zero maintenance. She said I already had a zero maintenance haircut and that she would give me something very close to zero maintenance. (What she didn’t realize was that I would still not do my hair most days, meaning that on the rare occasions when I do spend some time on it, lots of people comment on how good my hair looks and sometimes a friend might even email me afterwards to say it looked so good. Ha! Those days are kind of great.)

Anyway, so we let it grow out a little. The last time I went to get it cut my hairdresser asked how I was liking it and I said, “Pretty well. I think I can handle it. I think I like it like this.” And she said, “I like the curls at nape of your neck” and I said, “Me too! How did you do that?” I had been thinking either she had surreptitiously given me a perm or else it was a fluke thing and if it ever stopped raining they would disappear.

But she swore she hadn’t done a thing; I had done it all on my own! It is nothing short of a miracle: I have grown my very own curls, and it would appear as if they are here to stay. Yippee!


About Jennifer

I'm a freelance translator and American expat. I live in Northern Italy with my two young sons.
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3 Responses to some wishes do come true

  1. k_sam says:

    Oh man, same here! All my life, my hair has been pin-straight and wouldn’t hold a curl. But ever since I hit 30, it’s been getting wavier and wavier each year. Of course, now that has its own challenges because I have no idea what to do with semi-curly hair!

  2. meredith says:

    I’d do just about anything to have a curl to my stick straight hair! No more perms, though.

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