first days of summer

Yesterday was Labor Day in Italy and almost everything was closed, including schools and shops and businesses, but not our town pool, which picked the holiday to kick off the summer season. They opened the outdoor pools and water slides, the beach volleyball court, the mini soccer field and the playground. They had games and entertainment for the kids, free beer and spritz for the parents, hot dogs and hamburgers and pizza and chips and trays and trays of sliced bread with Nutella. It has been a cool and rainy spring here, but yesterday was only a little cloudy, and it was warm with a nice breeze. It was very good weather for our first day at the pool.

We rode our bikes there in the morning and we stayed all day, and it felt like the first real day of summer, that carefree feeling of a long string of sunny days ahead.

In the evening, friends came for dinner, the easy kind you don’t really need to impress, but everything turned out well nonetheless, and after we ate the boys put on a miming show for us, mostly about boxing matches or people beating each other up.

Someone said it would take a winter and a summer after my separation to feel OK again, and maybe for her that’s how it was, but it took me longer than that. Two years, less a month, and I was whole again. I was getting better all the time, but it took the injury to get me over the last little hump. I guess sometimes it can do you good to stop running, stand where you are, take a look around. Then everything heals all together and you can start up again with that carefree feeling of a long string of sunny days ahead, and you wouldn’t change a thing.


About Jennifer

I'm a freelance translator and American expat. I live in Northern Italy with my two young sons.
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5 Responses to first days of summer

  1. k_sam says:

    Good for you….and I think the healing process is such an individual thing. Someone told me it was one month for every year you were together, but it took me almost 2.5 years before I felt ready to start dating seriously. Maybe the warm summer weather will bring a handsome Italian your way? 😉

    • Jennifer says:

      hmmm. Methinks you missed my previous post, or perhaps the bit about not wanting to change a thing 😉

      There are plenty of very kind and handsome men, but my focus is elsewhere for now. Maybe somewhere down the road.

      • k_sam says:

        I know, but they always seem to pop up when you’re least expecting it. 😉 Not that there’s anything wrong with being unattached either….those two years I was alone in Paris were pretty darn fun, and I really enjoyed being just “me” again after all those years of coupledom.

  2. Marge says:

    Jennifer : your wisdom is way beyond your years

    • Jennifer says:

      Thank you! It might only seem that way because I write about things after I’ve mostly worked them out… that way you get to skip through all the muddled confusion and angst.

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