We aren’t that well at all, actually. I’d been so looking forward to our Christmas trip to the US and then we spent a lot of our time there being sick and miserable. It was wonderful to see to everyone and to spend the holidays with family. But Arizona is very far away, and very expensive to get to, and part of me wishes I had just taken the boys skiing someplace close to home instead. Seven and I still have lingering phlegmy coughs and my nose keeps bleeding. I am now ten days behind schedule on my training for the Barcelona marathon, which is only two months away. Dammit.

I don’t have much in the way of resolutions for 2013, although I have some projects in progress that I expect to finish before long.

My year of seeing project, which I began on January 9th, 2012, is two days from completion. When it is over, I won’t have my picture of the trees to take every day, and I am thinking about what to devote myself to next. It has been very fulfilling, and I am excited to see what all those pictures look like together. I have something special in mind for them.

I just joined a running club. After running for so long on my own, I had mixed feelings about joining a group, but I think it will be good for me. I have been sort of stuck in a rut, not really improving my times at all despite months and months of training. Also, I am tired of going to the races by myself. Something tells me they will be more fun as part of a group, and the club I joined seems like a fun one.

The boys have their first ski lesson next Saturday and I am giddy with excitement for them. That is my ex’s and my big co-parenting project for them this winter, and it will be interesting to see how we manage the logistics of it, and if the boys even like it. So far the big attractions have been renting the ski equipment and the promise of weekends in close proximity to their cousins (who live in the mountains, but, curiously, do not ski). We will see what happens when the boys actually put their skis on. AH! I can’t wait!


About Jennifer

I'm a freelance translator and American expat. I live in Northern Italy with my two young sons.
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4 Responses to well.

  1. meredith says:

    Bonne Année Jennifer. Your running sounds like a good project for 2013!

  2. Santa says:

    Hope that you are feeling better by the time you read this. Kids in mountains that don’t ski is as bad as my Sicilian grandfather never eating fish!

  3. Annemarie says:

    Feel better fast!!! Reiki? Good luck 7 & 4!!

  4. sullimaybe says:

    Your boys will ski as if puppies😊
    Happy New Year!

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