so much for the food snobs i thought i was raising

My mother taught me how to make my own flour tortillas this summer. She is a pretty accomplished cook and her Mexican food is delicious.

I tried them out a few nights ago at dinner with the boys. We had beef tacos with (very) limited fixings. They asked for grated Parmigiano on top of their ground beef. Which I gave them without letting on that it seemed like a crazy request.

“These are so good!” Seven said.

“Yeah! So much good!” Three agreed.

“But not as good as Grandma’s.”

“No! Not so good like Grandma’s.”

“We liked the ones that Grandma made better! That chicken was soooo good.”

“Yeah! So much good that chicken!”

“So,” I said. “You like chicken tacos better than beef tacos?”

“No. This meat is good.”

“Yeah! So much good!”

“ALWAYS make the meat EXACTLY like this, Mommy.”

“Okay, I will. I’m glad you like it.”

“The problem is not the meat, Mommy. The problem is the tortilla. It’s too thick.”

“Oh, it is, is it?”*

“Yes, it is. We liked the thin ones that Grandma made.”

“Grandma is pretty good at making tacos.”

“You remember the ones in the camper? They were so good!”

“Yeah! So much good!”

“The ones we had in the camper? You liked those?”

“Yeah! They were good because we bought them at the store. The store ones are better because they are PERFECT. And the CHEESE! MMMM! It was so good! And the chicken! MMMM!”

“Yeah! So much good!”

Basically what they were saying was that commercial flour tortillas, pre-grated orange plastic cheese and pre-cut chicken of questionable origin, purchased at a convenience store in a campground, cooked and assembled in a tiny RV kitchen and served on paper plates, were highly preferable to the flour tortillas I had made by hand using organic flour, filled with ground local beef sautéed with finely chopped organic onion and diced bell pepper, then served on real plates. With freshly grated genuine Italian Parmigiano, at their request.

*And the only reason they were too thick was that the boys had insisted on rolling out their own tortillas by themselves.


About Jennifer

I'm a freelance translator and American expat. I live in Northern Italy with my two young sons.
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7 Responses to so much for the food snobs i thought i was raising

  1. Gil says:

    Sounds like you are really doing a good job raising them! You just have to love them and all that they say at these ages. Based on experience it could worse!

  2. meredith says:

    hehehe…they’ll come around…they do like their pasta al dente, right?

  3. oldmdgirl says:

    Don’t beat yourself up. That food is scientifically manufactured to please young palates. No woman can possibly compete with that.

    (I’m sure your tacos were delicious. They will appreciate them someday.)

  4. Aunt Patti says:

    Hey, it could have been worse…they could have said Taco Bell was better!

  5. Melanie says:

    “Yeah! So much good!” — I love it.

    I think the experience of the tacos in the campground had a lot to do with how they tasted; I can cook all sorts of “questionable” things when we’re camping that I would NEVER cook at home, and they taste OMG so much good!

  6. Linda says:

    Love the brothers’ banter, so much good.
    Love your pics, stories.
    Thank you for Still in Italy!

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