pretty little things

With spring comes the desire to fix up this cozy little apartment. The domestic nester in me comes out of hibernation.

I stumbled across this little shop on Etsy not very long ago. Veronica makes and sells ceramics from Pietrasanta in Tuscany. First I bought the ceramic wall hanging above. I had been thinking how nice it’d be to have a tree, but nothing too figurative, to put up on my wall, although I had no clear picture of what it would be. Then there it was: just the right tree for me. Almost as soon as I opened the package, up it went in my little sewing nook.

Next she made me some beautiful buttons which I hope to use for a very ambitious sewing project that currently lives only in my head (and on a few rough sketches on paper, but who knows if I will ever actually make it considering the boxes of other ambitions sewing projects left unfinished).

And when I saw these little ceramic charms in blue and green, I could not resist.

The charms are tiny and look so pretty up against the linen curtain to the pantry, especially in the warm spring sun, that I am eager to finally finally finally finish stitching the curtains to cover up the open wardrobe in my bedroom and maybe hang some there as well. When we moved in, the wardrobe doors wouldn’t fit under the exposed beams of the slanted ceiling and so I had the movers install it in my room without any doors. Since then, I have been trying not to notice the cluttered contents of my bedroom closet. Look away, look away!

I have everything I need to make the curtains, except time and motivation. Hopefully the ceramic charms will provide the latter.

And while we are on the topic of home improvement, I am still hoping the carpenter shows up on Thursday. He is very affable – otherwise I would have lost my patience by now – but I won’t miss our weekly telephone conversations about when the shelves for my kitchen will be ready, if ever. Oh please, oh please, oh please Alberto! My kitchen will look so much better once those shelves are up. No more having to look away, look away! from the dreary, halfway tiled wall above my kitchen sink, with the lone exposed lightbulb hanging from a hole in it.


About Jennifer

I'm a freelance translator and American expat. I live in Northern Italy with my two young sons.
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One Response to pretty little things

  1. Sara says:

    So glad to hear the shelves might finally get installed! Maybe… 🙂

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