introducing another important man in my life

I’ve grown so attached to the Bialetti man. The first time I really looked at him I think I might have blushed, even though I’m pretty sure I knew he wasn’t meant to be giving me the finger. Then years and years went by without me giving him much thought, or even noticing him at all. He was a small, unavoidable fixture in my – and everybody else’s – kitchen; I saw him all the time, everyday, and so I never saw him at all.

And then, after over a decade in which I’ve seen a million Italians order a million coffees at the bar without really looking at them either, I spent two weeks in the US, returned home, took one look at the Bialetti man and saw what had been right in front of me all along: He’s ordering a coffee.

(Although I think I might prefer my original interpretation. It no longer makes me blush, but it definitely makes me smile.)


About Jennifer

I'm a freelance translator and American expat. I live in Northern Italy with my two young sons.
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5 Responses to introducing another important man in my life

  1. Sara says:

    LOL! I actually never would have figured that out. We have one, too, but I just thought he was a crazy guy trying to declare that Bialetti is NUMBER ONE! …or something like that. 🙂

  2. meredith says:

    My kind of man 🙂

  3. rosa says:

    wow, I love your “banner” with the city and the mountains (my mountains!) on the background!

  4. Melanie says:

    I never looked at him that closely, either! But then, my go-to Bialetti is a stainless steel number (the Kona) & his etching is not filled in with black so he’s harder to see. (That’s my excuse anyway).

  5. Thank you for clarifying that for me! I wondered why he was giving me the finger.

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